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Table top anchorage: metallic inserts for M6 screws

INSERTS for M6 screws to attach most common leg plates/spiders to our table tops.

Referencing your existing plate/spider, locate the position of the screws under the new table top. We can assist and take care of this process if provided with a drawing with the inter axis of the holes.

Use a Ø8mm (5/16in.) drill bit with a collar set to make a 10mm (3/8in.) deep hole that will accommodate the insert.

Using a 6mm Allen key, drive the inserts into the table top holes made previously without over tightening (set your power tool on LOWER TORQUE if using a power tool).

Using M6 screws, attach the leg plate/ spider to the table top to finish the assembly...

Enjoy your new table top!!!

Media available for download:

Tables Metal Inserts Instructions

10 Instruction / pdf/ 100kb


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using inserts for anchorage
using inserts for anchorage
using inserts for anchorage
using inserts for anchorage