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Table top anchorage: K-Plates

In case you are recycling your old table top K-Plates, here's how to.

Use a Ø3mm (1/8in.) drill bit with a collar set to make a pre-hole 10mm (3/8in.) deep for the 6 screws holding the k-plate.

The position of the 6 holes for the screws of the k-plate is clearly marked under the table top. Again... the collar on the drill bit should be set at 10mm (3/8in.) from the tip of the bit.

Attach the k-plate driving the 6 wood screws Ø4mmx12mm (#8x1/2in.L) into the table top without over-tightening (set your power- tool on LOW TORQUE if using a power tool). Screw size can be increased all the way up to Ø6 mm (Ø1/4in.).

That’s it...
Enjoy your new table top!!!

We do provide K-Plates with 1 key hole, for Ø 1 3/4 in. columns, pre-assembled to the table top.

Media available for download:

Tables K-Plates Instructions

10 Instruction / pdf/ 100kb


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Adding k-plates to our table tops
Adding k-plates to our table tops
Adding k-plates to our table tops
Adding k-plates to our table tops